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Has signed the GEM: Riccardo Antonini

Who is Riccardo Antonini:

Riccardo Antonini (born in Rome, 1957), is currently in the roles of the Prime Minister’s Office as Technical Scientific Expert. He graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1983 with an experimental thesis in Bio-Engineering

Why he has signed the Global Enaction Manifesto:

"I sign because, faced with the inescapable and now urgent choices implied by the eight points of this Manifesto, we all must and certainly can contribute. In fact, the transformation of our "vision of the world" in the sense indicated by the Manifesto will allow us to re-establish those "fundamental connections" that ultimately sustain the very life of the planet. If, in some historical periods, Humanity would seem to have managed to survive believing that it was operating, at least in some areas, in a world where "connections" were not relevant, today we know that this was a tragic illusion. We have simply ignored the connections that can no longer be ignored today. But these same connections are also those that will allow, even the smallest of our actions, to have effects whose scope will certainly go beyond our expectations."
Global Enaction Manifesto
Riccardo Antonini
Technical-Scientific Expert Presidency of the Council
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