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Has signed the GEM: Dario Simoncini

Who is Dario Simoncini:

University professor. I teach Business Organization and Complexity Management at the University of Pescara, Italy

Why he has signed the Global Enaction Manifesto:

"I am convinced that we have reached a turning point. A series of social, economic and political tensions have accumulated and they are interacting with each other with the danger of mass destruction. What can I do? I can be antagonistic and counteract these tensions; I can strive to promote a trend reversal; I can join many others to shout through my daily actions that I disagree, that this things are not good for me and that there are other possibilities. The principles of the Manifesto are my principles: to act to make your intentions active to make the world a better place to live."
Global Enaction Manifesto
Dario Simoncini
University Professor
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