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Scope of education

Need of a new era of education

The current educational system urgently needs to be reconnected with what human individuality itself actually requires. An education that rediscovers its etymological meaning, a “drawing out”, an accompanying the individuality that faces the world to become itself, not an abstract filling of notions to meet the needs of the State or the market.

We therefore believe that a school designed not to form citizens or consumers, but conscious human beings, inwardly free and therefore capable of embodying an effective social action is essential. We believe that an educational system that does not only act during youth but can be accessible at any time of the human path, alternating periods of work with periods of learning, is indispensable to support the desire for enaction throughout the evolution of the individual biography. Such an educational system, in order to carry out its task, presupposes a complete renewal of the economic sphere.

“Education must ensure that the idea of the unity of the human species does not erase the idea of its diversity and that the idea of its diversity does not erase the idea of its unity. (…) We must conceive the unity of the multiple, the multiplicity of the one. Education must illustrate this principle of unity-diversity in all fields. “(Edgar Morin)

Scope of politics

Need for a new era of politics

A new era of politics can only begin by reshaping the current concept of the state and reconnecting the democratic ideal to the concrete needs of human beings as citizens. Today, in the Western democracies, the state forms have in fact taken on the character of the large economic corporations, in which the prime ministers-CEO with their cabinets-administration councils believe they can manage the public by intervening in all social areas, from culture to the economy and obviously entering into competition with other corporations.

The same abyssal distance and the same frustration separates the worker from the top management of his company and the citizen from the politician who should represent him.

We believe that a healthy ideal of democracy must first of all preserve the citizen from the invasive interference of the economic sphere in the cultural and political sphere and make effective the exercise of his freedom as an individual:

  •  the right to choose freely the school that you consider most suitable for your children is enshrined
  • it must be possible to choose the way one takes care of oneself
  • awareness of the law determines how much the economic body can require the individual to work

Scope of the economy

Need for a new era of economy

The need to work so that the task of the economic sphere is reconnected with the satisfaction of real human needs as they emerge as a result of a free and always accessible education is increasingly evident.

We believe it is essential that new forms of social justice arise from the elimination of what has become a commodity in the current economic system: money, labour and land.

These new forms will manifest a principle of fraternity, vandalized in social and economic culture by the devastations of social and economic Darwinism, understood as a real economic process: without the constraint of commodified work, one literally works to satisfy the needs of the other.

There are already numerous signs of change towards new models of capitalism that affect one or both of these aspects. For example, we talk about distributed capitalism, circular society, ecodesign, benefit enterprises. They are new business models and economic and social ecosystems in which the traditional assumptions of capitalism are overcome.