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Has signed the GEM: Fabrizio Ciceri

Who is Fabrizio Ciceri:

Aspiration of systemic prosperity in co-operative actions with complex organizations and eco-systems.

Consultant and Advisor for organizational dynamics and technological evolutions.

Prevalent specialization in Industry, Finance, Automotive, Large-Scale Retail and Public Administration sectors with significant skills acquired in highly complex systemic realities (organizational, size, internationality).


Why he has signed the Global Enaction Manifesto:

"For many years I have been exploring in myself and in the systemic relationships that I live in (companies, communities of people, etc.) the complex dynamics that - with in-depth studies in philosophy, psychology, physics, bio-sociology, mathematics - allow me to promote precisely what is exposed in the Global Enaction Manifesto, in the proximity of my relationships and with an increasingly conscious action."
Global Enaction Manifesto
Fabrizio Ciceri
Organisational Consultant and Advisor
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