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Has signed the GEM: Francesca Violi

Who is Francesca Violi:

Psychologist, graduated in 2004 at the University of Psychology of Parma, in 2005 she perfected her studies in Legal Psychology and Psychopathology of Criminal Conducts in Parma and qualified as a Psychologist. She is regularly enrolled in the Order of Psychologists of Emilia-Romagna as Psychologist-Psychotherapist section A No. 5764. In 2010 she became Psychotherapist at the School of Ecobiopsychological Psychotherapy Institute – Aneb (Associazione Nazionale Ecobiopsicologia) in Milan.

Why she has signed the Global Enaction Manifesto:

"For years I have been involved in raising awareness of these health issues with the New Medicine Manifesto and I agree with this broader manifesto that embraces the assumptions and the point from which I started out by broadening its meaning and direction."
Global Enaction Manifesto
Francesca Violi
Psychosomatic ecobiopsychology psychotherapist
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