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Read and download the Global Enaction Manifesto

Life is eco-systemic. Human beings can only live within a biological network, of which they are an integrated and interdependent part


Human dimensions are inseparable and include material, socio-relational, and spiritual aspects


Social well-being requires the combined development of all dimensions of human beings


Technology must be placed at the service of common well-being and used to help and protect life on Earth


Social life is based on brotherhood, caring and on reciprocity


Education fosters the full growth of a person and the systemic, ethical and aesthetic understanding of life


Institutions have the responsibility to fully stimulate and sustain the development of human beings and guarantee the safeguarding of the environment


Eco-systemic transformation is achieved through interdependence of thought and action

"I sign because, in the face of the inevitable and now urgent choices involved in the eight points of this Manifesto, we all must and certainly can contribute to"
"I agree with this manifesto that embraces the assumptions and the point from which I started, expanding its meaning and direction"

Sign the Manifesto

Join the Manifesto and tell us what you are already doing to adopt it and your experience in making it happen!
partecipa al GEM

Partecipate to the Manifesto

The Manifesto has a collaborative character and emerges from the contributions of each subscriber and from their sharing.

Areas of the Manifesto

The Manifesto applies to various areas of social life and they increase over time thanks to the participation of each of you


This site aims to collect all the subscriptions and concrete initiatives of those who already apply one or more assumptions of the Manifesto

what is global enaction manifesto

Global Enaction Manifesto is collaborative

Other parts can be added to the Manifesto on the different areas of action, such as economics, politics, architecture, medicine, health, agriculture.

Global Enaction Manifesto is systemic

The 8 assumptions of the Manifesto are interdependent and each subscriber can join the Manifesto telling what he is already doing to adopt them and his own experience in realizing them.

Global Enaction Manifesto is emergent

The Global Enaction Manifesto is what emerges from the interventions of each subscriber and from their sharing.
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The only way to fuse into a living world is to take part in it for real: cultivating the tools and practices from which each person can learn to be present in life. This is the only way to learn more respect and tolerance and to achieve greater participation in the world around us. This can only happen through a kind of exemplary contagion.”


call to enaction

Enaction is to bring out the world through the concrete action of each of us. Through the concrete action of each adherent to the Manifesto we can bring out an eco-systemic wisdom that transforms ourselves and the world of which we are part.

Lead by example

Lead by example with your own actions for others who will follow them

Exemplary contagion

Your membership of GEM is important to infect people and organizations close to you

Creating a systemic network

The aim is to network all those who already apply one or more of the principles of GEM

Read and download the Global Enaction Manifesto